Eat Sunflower Seeds for Myelin Repair?

Jul 14 2013

A study looked at a derivative of Vitamin E in the mouse model of multiple sclerosis called EAE (experimental allergic encephalomyelitis, that’s why EAE!).    The manufactured compound TFA-12 has similarities to tocopherol (Vitamin E).  Not only did TFA-12 reduce inflammation, but it also hastened new myelin growth.  TFA-12 also stimulated immature oligo cells to grow up and become myelin-making mature oligo’s.

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It’s a leap to suggest Vitamin E would stimulate remyelination (repair of the myelin coating of nerves) in humans, but intriguing.  Wheat germ oil, roasted sunflower seeds, and roasted almonds are great sources of Vitamin E.   Also, spinach, peanut butter and corn oil are high in Vitamin E.   Best to read up before taking supplements since high Vitamin E levels may cause increase bleeding risks, especially if you take aspirin.

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BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: July 14, 2013 TOPIC: MS Research News