Low Vitamin D Increases Risk of Relapse

Jul 11 2013

A new study from Milan, Italy examined 100 patients over a median of 7 years after their first attack.    A second attack would confirm “clinically-definite”  multiple sclerosis.  Fifty-five percent of the patients in the study did have a second attack.

Fifty-two percent of patients had low Vitamin D levels (<50 nmol/l) at the beginning of the study.  The group of patients with the lowest Vitamin D levels (bottom 25% of patients)  were at much higher risk for having a second attack.  In fact, the 10% of patients with the lowest Vitamin D levels were over twice as likely to have a relapse.

These results support the mounting data suggesting positive benefits of adequate Vitamin D levels for those at risk for MS and living with MS.

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BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: July 11, 2013 TOPIC: MS Research News