The Imaging Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Imaging CenterThe diagnosis and monitoring of multiple sclerosis relies heavily on MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). The medical center provides MRI services for imaging the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. For those people with claustrophobia, an Espree MRI scan is available which is more open with still excellent images. Two 3 Tesla (3T) MRI scanners are available which provides superior images due to stronger magnet than standard 1.5 Tesla magnet, used in the vast majority of closed MRI machines.  3 Telsa scans allow for superior visualization the brain and spinal cord. Images obtained at Missouri Baptist Medical Center are loaded within minutes to the entire BJC network for review by your neurologist. Highly-trained neuroradiologists with extensive experience in multiple sclerosis read all MRI scans and directly compare these images to available older studies.

For patients receiving care at The MS Center for Innovations in Care, MRI pictures obtained at Missouri Baptist Medical Center can be readily shown to you on a computer screen in examination rooms at the time of your appointment.