The MS Center for Innovations in Care

One of the largest, comprehensive multiple sclerosis centers in the Midwest focused on helping people living with MS. The center located in St. Louis offers a spectrum of services including MS-certified nursing support, MS-focused physical and occupational therapy, MS-specific infusion center and clinical trial options. For most MS patients, we provide ongoing neurological care. However, we also perform multiple sclerosis consultations for other neurologists and patient-initiated second opinions.  The MS Center for Innovations in Care is part of the BJC Medical Group and a designated National Multiple Sclerosis Society Affiliated Center for Comprehensive Care.

Why Innovations in Care? With the great advances in medicine and technology, we have new multiple sclerosis treatments and an opportunity to help you better understand your options. Our center was the site for the region for the trials leading to the first FDA -approved oral treatment for MS.  In addition, our center was the first site in the region to begin trials on repair, called remyelination. The website is one way to keep you up to date with straightforward information on understanding multiple sclerosis as well as new research breakthroughs on our blog. Our goal is to be highly responsive to your needs and to be forward-thinking in helping you reach your goals.