MS Living Well Podcast: Is My MS Controlled?

Apr 18 2023

Knowing which MS changes are significant enough to warrant speaking up can be hard. Relapses can occur every 1-2 years without treatment, but much less frequently on disease-modifying treatment. Distinguishing between an actual relapse, a pseudorelapse or just brief worsening of symptoms (Uhthoff’s phenomenon) explained. Options for relapses such as steroids, plasmapheresis and ACTH are reviewed. Importance of MRI monitoring addressed since most new MS lesions pop up on MRI scans without actual symptoms.

Slow progression of disability can be challenging to detect. Physical changes can include slower walking, worsening balance and more hand coordination problems. Cognitive worsening may be noticeable due to short-term memory loss, word-finding issues and multitasking challenges. Tools to improve monitoring for disease progression highlighted such as in-office testing, remote electronic monitoring and biomarker blood testing. Why multiple sclerosis disability can worsen without MRI change explained. Ways to better advocate for prompt care of worsening MS shared.

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Barry Singer MD, Director of The MS Center for Innovations in Care, interviews:

Jacqueline Nicholas, MD

Jacqueline Nicholas MD is System Chief of Neuroimmunology & Multiple Sclerosis, Director of MS Research and Neuroimmunology Fellowship Director at the OhioHealth Multiple Sclerosis Center.  She completed her neurology residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, serving as chief neurology resident. Dr. Nicholas completed a fellowship in clinical neuroimmunology, multiple sclerosis and spasticity and a Master of Public Health at The Ohio State.

James Bowen, MD

James Bowen MD is Medical Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle as well as a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Washington in Seattle. He received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and completed his neurology residency at the University of Washington. Dr. Bowen has served many roles within the National MS Society, including serving on the National Clinical Advisory Board.

BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: April 18, 2023 TOPIC: Podcasts