MS Living Well Podcast: COVID-19 and Multiple Sclerosis

Apr 21 2020

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At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, neurologists from major multiple sclerosis centers from Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy share their experiences on the front lines.  Spain and Italy had the highest rates of COVID-19 infections until surpassed by the United States.  These MS specialists share how they are supporting and advising patients during this crisis.  Virtual appointments and changes to MS treatment reviewed.  The neurologists share what happened to people with MS that were infected with this coronavirus in Italy and Spain.

Barry Singer MD, Director of The MS Center for Innovations in Care at Missouri Baptist Medical Center interviews:

Giovanna Borriello, MD

Giovanna Borriello, MD, MS Neurologist working at the MS Center in the academic Hospital Sant’ Andrea in Rome, Italy since 2001.  She had been an investigator over 40 clinical trials on multiple sclerosis including trials focused on new treatments.  In 2011, she founded a non-profit organization, called “Semper Mobilis” Onlus, for people living with MS, to give them reliable and updated information, to assist their caregivers with psychological and nursing support in the management of the disease and to offer best practices to healthcare professionals in the multidisciplinary setting with specific courses and update activities.

Jaume Sastre-Garriga MD, PhD is the Deputy director of Cemcat, The MS Center of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.  Dr. Jaume Sastre-Garriga received his MD at the University of Barcelona and his PhD at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He trained as a neurologist at the Neurology Department, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital.  He serves on the executive board of RIMS (Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis) and the steering committee for MAGNIMS, the European networks for best practice and research in MS rehabilitation and MS MRI imaging, respectively.  Dr. Sastre-Garriga has published over 100 scientific articles in the past decade and serves on the Editorial Board of the Multiple Sclerosis Journal.

Jaume Sastre-Garriga, MD, PhD



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