Sequencing: Why it matters to You.

Oct 27 2013

Switching MS treatments?   Important to understand the impact of your current treatment on your immune system as beginning your new treatment.   A major concern is a potential increase risk of serious infection if the time interval too short.   As more medications become available,  the impact of the sequence in which these meds are used is very important.  Many multiple sclerosis medications affect the immune system differently.  Some medications can impact your immune system for up to 2 months after discontinuing treatment. 

Neurologist often allow for a period of time between treatments, perhaps 2 weeks to 3 months.  There are no set rules on how long to wait.   Evidence is based partially on clinical trials.  If treatment held for 2-3 months,  some neurologist give IV steroids for 1-2 days monthly while off treatment.   Some medications can be removed from the body through washout procedures.  Bottom Line: Understand the plan if you are “sequencing” from one treatment to another.


BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: October 27, 2013 TOPIC: MS Research News