Interferon injections only one or twice month?

Mar 11 2013

Peginterferon beta-1a 125 mcg under the skin once every two or four weeks was compared to placebo over one year in a randomized, double-blind study in 1,516 relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients.

The ADVANCE clinical trials results demonstrated  a drop in relapses of 35.6% for every two-week peginterferon injections and 27.5% for every four-week injections compared to placebo.    Both two and four week dosing of peginterferon reduced the likelihood of disability progression by 38%.

New or newly enlarging  T2 lesions on brain MRI scans were reduced 67% using every two-week dosing and 28% using every four-week dosing.

The most common side effects were injection site redness and flu-like symptoms.   Submission to the FDA is planned in 2013.

More details will be forthcoming at the American Academy of Neurology meeting next week in San Diego.

BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: March 11, 2013 TOPIC: MS Research News