Alemtuzumab: 55% Less Relapses Than Rebif

Jul 18 2011

In the CARE-MS I trial, 581 early, active relapsing-remitting patients, who had received no prior MS therapy, were randomized to Rebif or alemtuzumab treatment.  This antibody treatment is given in the vein over five days the first year and three days the second year.  Compared to those MS patients on Rebif, those individuals on alemtuzumab had 55% less relapses.  A low percentage of patients had worsening disability on both treatments without a significant difference between Rebif and Alemtuzumab (11% and 8% respectively worsened).

Risks of alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) in the CARE-MS I were infusion reactions, infections (upper respiratory and bladder infections), thyroid problems and low platelet counts.  The MS Center for Innovations in Care has been a site for CARE-MS II which examined alemtuzumab in patients who have had relapses on current treatments.

BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: July 18, 2011 TOPIC: MS Research News