TESMO Trial: Investigational Drug Teriflunomide Effective

Aug 30 2010

An announcement today was made that the investigational once-daily oral teriflunomide reduced relapses compared to placebo in 1088 patients with relapsing MS in the TEMSO trial.  Patients were randomized to 7 mg, 14 mg or placebo.  Other positive findings were seen on both clinical and MRI results.  The safety was apparently in line with previous clinical experience.  The number of patients dropping out of  the trial due to side effects or other problems was similar between the teriflunomide and placebo groups. Study findings will be presented at the ECTRIMS meeting in Sweden on Oct 15, 2010.

Recruiting now for the investigational drug teriflunomide in the TOWER study.

BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: August 30, 2010 TOPIC: MS Research News