New Hope for Secondary Progressive MS

Sep 5 2008

The US Food and Drug Administration have granted a “fast track” review of dirucotide (MBP8298) for the treatment of secondary progressive disease. Secondary progressive MS occurs in many patients who were initially relapsing remitting and are now continuously, progressively worsening in disability with or without relapses.  Dirucotide is a synthetic protein of the same sequence as part of myelin, the coating of nerve cells that is damaged in MS.

The MAESTRO-03 Phase III trial has fully recruited 510 patients at 68 sites.  Patients will receive dirucotide or placebo through the vein every six months for two years.   Fast track status can help speed the review process for approval if the medication is found to be effective and safe.

BY: Barry Singer, MD DATE: September 5, 2008 TOPIC: MS Research News